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Our biggest Rex update deserves a party

Break out in 2021 with Rexfest — a two-month feature festival with exclusive extras for Rex customers. Want to know more? Watch the intro video with Kev.
Early bird Rexfest access
That’s right, we’ve opened up our gates early for all festival attendees. Watch, read and listen to a few supporting acts to get you ready when the festival kicks off. Just click in the banner below.

What to expect during Rexfest

Totally FREE to access
8 weeks of content to watch, listen, read, download and interact with
Discover our processes and
 meet the people behind Rex
Groundbreaking new 
Rex updates
Panel discussions
Live Q&A sessions

Festival infomation

What are event stages?

Break out in 2021 with Rexfest — a two-month feature festival with exclusive extras for Rex customers. Want to know more? Watch the intro video with Kev.

How long does Rexfest run?

Rexfest runs for just under two months. Starting on the 7th of Febuary and ending on the 31st of March.

When do you post updates?

Look out for daily updates from us with new content, training, updates, panel discussions and lots, lots more!

When does content become available?

Content is delivered in the Arena as and when it becomes available. Please check back regularly for new content.

We do have some big ticket items namely the major release feature announcements which happen every first Thursday of the stage cycle. Followed by in-depth feature training on the Tuesday after the announcement.

The video isn't playing?

Please try refreshing your browser and the play button should appear.

What's the difference between the feature announcement and the training?

The feature announcement advises when the functionality is live within Rex. We'll share an intro video (5-10 mins) showcasing our team with a link to a blog post with more details on the release. There will also be a help desk article released at the same time. These will be linked within the announcement card for your convenience.

Training – with Kev – will take place on the following Tuesday after the feature announcement and will be in in-depth walkthrough of best practice and use cases. This training will be between 30 and 60mins.

What time zone are these events running in?

All Rexfest events are in AEST.

You'll see a time date stamp displayed in all event cards. All of our events will become available to view in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) Brisbane. For those who are in states with daylight saving (AEDT) please be aware of the hour time difference.

We suggest registering for these events and adding to your calendar so that you do not miss out on any content (these will be saved to your calendar of choice in your local time zone).

Do I need to register for every event?

No, just register once and you have access to everything. Aside from that you can subscribe to reminders for specific live events that are upcoming.

Theres a new button in Rex, what's it do?

You'll notice theres a new button with the Rexfest ticket icon on the left hand menu. This gives you direct access to Rexfest and will show you notifcations when there are new updates to Rexfest.

How can I share content and events with others?

There is a share button the bottom-right of every content card where you can share on several social media platforms, as well as opening a unique page for the content which you can share directly.

I'm still stuck and can't find what I'm looking for?

If you need an extra helping hand please email our festival organisers at While we are not a support team and don't operate 24/7 we're here to help and will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

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